About Us

Tubb’s Shrimp & Fish Co. was founded in 2013 and is now operating a full-service restaurant that opened in 2014. We spent much of 2013 sourcing fresh seafood to supply what was Florence's only pop up seafood market. Spending time on the pop up market allowed the us to make connections and set up a great supply chain. Now we have some of the finest and freshest Atlantic seafood gracing the tables of our restaurant. We serve regionally styled seafood platters that draw their inspiration from the north in Calabash, NC and the south in the low-country region of our own state. Our menu is also peppered with international ideas and ingredients. We are humbled to serve the fine people of the Pee Dee as well as all of our friendly travelers that pass through our doors.

Our Promise

Tubb’s Shrimp & Fish Co. will create a sense of community amongst its patrons through the delivery of the freshest local fare. We will introduce Florence to the culinary gifts that our local lands and waters offer. We hope our customers will be able to take as much pride in our product as we do.